The project

Research and development of theatrical devices based on video and transmission

With a focus on research and the development of theatrical tools, Collectif MxM has come up with a new project with two distinct strands, one focused on transmission and the other on video research.

In terms of transmission, the idea is to bring together, from October 2023, the best practices from the courses given to a varied audience with different expectations, from schoolchildren to actors. The aim is to capitalize on experience and retain only the most relevant. The aim is to create a specific equipment kit in the form of a suitcase containing the documentation and equipment necessary for the smooth technical running of each course, allowing autonomy whatever the configuration of the course.

With regard to video research: the aim is to improve the practice of integrating 3D images into a scenographic device.

As the Collectif MxM is known for its reformist theatrical staging combining image, sound and light, this research aims to define practices appropriate to the use of low-latency video software for a cinematographic aesthetic.

At the same time, Cyril Teste and his team are continuing the preparatory work for the staging of Tchekhov's Sur l'autre rive. The first performances will take place in 2024.

photo de Fonds de dotation Francis Kurkdjian Cyril Teste Collectif MxM
Photo credit: Michel Labelle
Cyril Teste
photo de Fonds de dotation Francis Kurkdjian Cyril Teste Collectif MxM
Cyril Teste

Founded in 2000, the Collectif MxM is a flexible core of artists and technicians, united by the same desire to research, create and transmit together, to question the individual simultaneously as a spectator of reality, representation and fiction. A collective writing that Cyril Teste projects and coordinates in common grammar. To date, the Collective has created about thirty works, film performances, sound pieces, installations, clips and is developing the nomadic laboratory of scenic arts, a transdisciplinary transmission network.

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