A creative end to the year

December 1, 2023
Collectif MxM, Orchestre Ostinato, The What Dance Can Do Project, We Came From

Concert, theatrical research and dance workshops: the latest news on projects supported by the Francis Kurkdjian Endowment Fund

In December, the program of weekly dance workshops, set up by the What Dance Can Do association, for pupils at the Romain-Rolland secondary school in Clichy-sous-Bois, was enriched by collaborations with local creative and cultural institutions such as Ateliers médicis. The aim is to forge closer links with the young people's direct environment.

On the music front, the Ostinato orchestra will be presenting its restitutive work with remand prisoners from Fleury-Mérogis and prisoners from Melun. 3 exclusive concerts will be offered to patrons, co-inmates and their families. Emotion guaranteed!

After shooting the film Sur l'autre rive, based on Tchekov's play Platonov, Cyril Teste turned his attention to adapting it for the stage. The Collectif MxM has opened its rehearsals to the public to help with the staging of this production.

Event: until December 16, Nina and Farooq from the We Came From association will be presenting a carpet embroidered with drawings by children from Bobigny, at an exhibition in the Frac reserves at the Fondation Fiminco (Romainville). Come one, come all!

And finally, please note that the campaign to collect requests for support for the Millésime 2024 of the Francis Kurkdjian Endowment Fund will run from January 1 to March 31, 2024. You can submit your projects using the form available in the "support request" ephemeral tab on our website.

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